Investment and Asset Management. .

Dear Sir

I knew my mail must have come to you as unexpected as we do not know each other in the past. Kindly accept my apology by contacting you through this means without formal introduction, thus my appeal to you to grant me the audience to discussion this opportunity with my humble self. In accordance to my email to you, I wish to bring to your audience the important aspect of my proposal on the aim/interest in which I wrote to you earlier.

I work as an intermediary/financial broker also a lawyer. I am privileged to source for provide investment opportunities for few individuals here east Africa continent who want to diversify their investments. I’m seeking a partnership with you through equity contribution under a request by a highly respected individual who have interest to disguise his fortune, he is ready to invest or finance any of your business plans or projects that need funding under an equity contribution or partnership.

This reserved individual, whom I personally holding his portfolio has instructed me with a mandate to seek for a trustworthy person/ firm such as yourself who has the experience and capacity to concealed his assets and re-invest it into a good lucrative investment. We hope to become your long-term and reliable partner in business as long as you are willing to co-operate with us. Presently, I have in my control worth US$670 Million Dollars, this funds are readily available for any good lucrative investment opportunities through a partnership under blind trust.

The client main interest is in the area of the following: civil construction such as real estate developments, hospitality, Power/Energy supply, and transportation, Mining, Oil and Gas etc. We are open for discussion to any lucrative investments you can recommend to us will be implemented under a blind trust investment venture. More so, we are ready to facilitate and fund any business that is capable of generating 5% to 15% annual return on investment (AROI) JV partnership and hard loan funding can also be considered.

We want to work through a partnership venture terms through a blind investment scheme. Kindly let me know your ability and capacity to the investors' expectations. If you have the ability and capacity to handle this funds under the client intention, once I receive your acceptance I will specify my terms and let you know more details. You will assume the role of sole partner, you shall be solely manage the portfolio under your description without any interference once we hand in over the funds into your custody. Kindly let us know your view also you should furnish us with full comprehensive business/investment plans to be review by my client.

Do provide us your most secure private email and mobile phone numbers where I can reach you directly to further this discussion. More details shall be available once we have your interest confirmed in your return mail.

Await your urgent positive response.


Shubi Mutakhywa